How Health Grub Works ?

Health Grub offers healthy gourmet meals made using 100% gluten free ingredients, individually packed, ready to eat and delivered to your home or place of preference.

Each week we offer 4 different entrée choices, a vegetarian option, a soup, a salad, an a la carte protein, 2 "FitGrub"option, 2 Breakfast Options and 1 Snack Option. 

You are more than welcome to order any combination of sizes and entrées that you choose.
If you want 5 Family meals, all of the same entrée or you want 2 Individual and 2 Large, or any other combination you can think of........just let us know!

We also offer packages, please see package page on menu tab.

Choose from these sizes: 

Individual - single serving; light to medium appetite, (325-450 calories per container)   $12.95 - 16.95
Large - single serving; bigger appetite, (400-600 calories per container)  $16.95 - 20.95
X-Large - dual serving; 2 average appetites, (650-900 calories per container)   $24.95 - 32.95
Family - triple serving; serves 3 regular appetites, (975-1400 calories per container)   $32.95 - 46.95
Small Soup - 1 cup portion  $4.99

Large Soup - 3 cup serving  $11.99

FitGrub - $13.95  $16.95

Salad Entrée Size  $8.99 all of our salad dressings are made with 100% organic oils and do not contain any kind of thickeners.

Salad Family Size $24.95


(Add cup of soup for $4.99 or protein for $3.99)
All meals are packaged in reusable microwave safe containers.  We ask that you clean and return them, so that we may sanitize and reuse them to help the environment ! (this is an optional practice, feel free to choose) If you need a cooler with Ice Packs we offer them as a 1 time only charge and you can reuse them for as many times as you want, there is a $20.95 set up fee for this service and you can add it to your order at the ordering page. All gift certificates will be emailed to purchaser.

Detailed nutritional information and heating instructions are sent out on an email before the delivery !

Orders must place by Wednesday 9 pm before the delivery for the following week. All deliveries are performed on Sundays.

Stay Healthy !