Health Grub has been around since 2006 offering San Diego's BEST HEALTHY GOURMET MEAL delivery service. Health Grub's Mission is simple: To offer healthy gourmet meals at an affordable price and with the convenience of having it delivered to your door.  We are not your conventional Meal Prep Company, we are THE BEST MEAL PREP COMPANY in California.

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Brazilian chef Marcella Marinho started her culinary career in California, where she graduated at the San Diego Culinary Institute in 2005. Chef Marcella has worked as a private chef for high profile customers as well as San Diego's top Chefs. Chef Marcella has always been interested in a healthy lifestyle and that has become very present on her gastronomic style. Living in San Diego since 2001 Chef Marcella aims to contribute to a happier and healthier lifestyle for her customers. 

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Health Grub's kitchen is located conveniently at the Gillespie Fields Airport in El Cajon, CA. Customers are welcome to schedule a visit and meet the Chef !