How does Health Grub Works ?

Each week we offer 4 different entrée choices,1 vegetarian option, 1 soup, 1 salad, and 1 a la carte protein.

You are more than welcome to order any combination of sizes and entrées that you choose.  If you want 5 Family meals, all of the same entrée or you want 2 Individual and 2 Large, or any other combination you can think of........just let us know!

Choose from these sizes: 

Individual - single serving; light to medium appetite, (385-485 calories per container)   $12.95 - 14.95
Large - single serving; bigger appetite, (522-600 calories per container)  $16.95 - 18.95
X-Large - dual serving; 2 average appetites, (700-900 calories per container)   $24.95 - 28.95
Family - triple serving; serves 3 regular appetites, (1100-1400 calories per container)   $32.95 - 39.95
Small Soup - 1 cup portion  $4.99

Large Soup - 3 cup serving  $11.99

Salad Entrée Size  $8.99 all of our salad dressings are made with 100% organic oils and do not contain any kind of thickeners.

Salad Family Size $24.95


(Add cup of soup for $4.99 or protein for $3.99)
All meals are packaged in reusable microwave safe containers.  We ask that you clean and return them, so that we may sanitize and reuse them too help the environment ! (this is an optional practice, feel free to choose)

Detailed nutritional information and heating instructions are sent out on an email before the delivery !

Orders must place by Thursday 9 pm before the delivery for the following week.

Stay Healthy !